Prerequisites for Enrollment

1. Toilet training

Students must be toilet-trained prior to enrolling in the preschool class. Parents, caregivers or guardians should also be present and available  during classtime to accompany your child to the lavatory, as certain laws  and regulations may prevent instructors, assistants or other parents etc.  from doing so.

2. Accommodating special needs students

Regardless of the class level, the school must be notified if a student requires special assistance during the class.  You can notify us by stating this in the application form (this is to  ensure safe and optimum operation of the class and is not intended to reject your child’s enrollment).  Please understand that we will ask you to come to school for an interview and assessment in order to further understand  your child’s status and situation before we approve the enrollment.

3.Japanese Language Ability

All the classes are given in Japanese so it is required for your child to have the ability to understand the class.  All students are required to speak Japanese in the class to focus on one language during the class. If English is spoken in the class, this would disrupt the whole class and jeopardizes other student’s opportunities to hear and speak more Japanese. There fore, speaking English during the class is strongly discouraged.