Enrollment Application Guide

Enrollment Application Guide

[Document Check List]

  1. Application Form
  2. Cheque(s)
  3. Consent Form
  4. Medical Form

*All documents are available here

*All documents for the current students will be delivered from the school at the end of April

*Please refer to “Fees” under “Enrollment” regarding cheque, society dues and tuition fees


[How/where to Submit]

Current Students:    Submit all documents to Board of Directors

New Students : please contact us

 * Please don’t send an application to Camosun address, we won’t receive it.



[Application Deadline]

Current Students: May 17th 2019

New Students (preschool class):   Monday, April 8th, 2019

New Students (other classes):  please contact us



  • For preschool class application, siblings of current students will be given priorities, for rest of the seats, first-come-first-served basis
  • When the class is full, a waiting list will be created. Those who are on the list will be contacted by email
  • For other classes, current students will be given priority
  • When your older child(ren) are already enrolling the school and you would like to apply your younger child(ren) for preschool, please send preschool application only to the address indicated. All other documents are included in a package distributed to current students. Please fill in these forms and attach any necessary cheques to submit.
  • The confirmation of enrollment will be sent by email at the end of August


[Check List before Submission]

Please make sure there are no mistakes and necessary information is in all forms especially the following items before submission:

☐   Check box for Volunteer deposit on the application form

☐   Dates and signatures in the forms

☐   Emergency Contact information (Name and phone number)

☐   Family Doctor’s phone number

☐   Witness’s signature

☐   Medical card number

☐   Date and amount(s) on cheque(s)