Enrollment Application Guide

Enrollment Application Guide

[Document Check List]

  1. Application Form
  2. Cheque(s)
  3. Consent Form
  4. Medical Form

*All documents are available here

*The application procedure for current students will be done online in June.

*Please refer to “Fees” under “Enrollment” regarding cheque, society dues and tuition fees


[How/where to Submit]

Current Students:   Submit all documents to Board of Directors

New Students :  Please contact us.


 * Please don’t send an application to Camosun address, we won’t receive it.

*Only applications with postmarks will be accepted. Please refrain from dropping off an application in person.


[Application Deadline]

Current Students:  This deadline is currently being reviewed.

New Students (preschool class):  Please contact us.

New Students (other classes):  Please contact us.



  • For preschool class application, siblings of current students will be given priorities, for rest of the seats, first-come-first-served basis
  • When the class is full, a waiting list will be created. Those who are on the list will be contacted by email
  • For other classes, current students will be given priority
  • The confirmation of enrollment will be sent by email at the end of August


[Check List before Submission]

Please make sure there are no mistakes and necessary information is in all forms especially the following items before submission:

☐   Check box for Volunteer deposit on the application form

☐   Dates and signatures in the forms

☐   Emergency Contact information (Name and phone number)

☐   Family Doctor’s phone number

☐   Witness’s signature

☐   Medical card number

☐   Date and amount(s) on cheque(s)