Educational philosophy

● Have fun while learning Japanese
The Victoria Japanese Heritage Language School is a collaborative, non-competitive learning environment that focuses on providing each student with the tools they need to learn Japanese. We help our students explore and develop a lifelong interest in the Japanese language, at their own pace, and while having fun. Students are encouraged to achieve their full potential in the Japanese language while working year over year towards developing the equivalent Japanese Grade 4 (elementary school) literacy.

However, first and foremost, the Victoria Heritage Japanese Language School places the highest value on the individual abilities and interests of each student. Childhood is an important time for exploration and growth, and we are always excited by the unique potential of each and every student.

● Students are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of Japanese language and culture
The Victoria Heritage Japanese Language School introduces students to Japanese customs and traditions, as well as key concepts such as the importance of the four seasons in Japanese culture. By learning about Japanese culture, students will be able to better understand and identify with their own heritage.

●Exam preparation
Students enrolled in senior level classes (middle and high school grades) at the Victoria Japanese Heritage Language School focus on preparing for the BC Provincial Grade 12 Japanese exam and the Japanese Language Proficiency Examination. The school uses these two tests as benchmarks for guidance when designing curriculum, and we encourage students at the appropriate level to sit for them.