1) Society dues: $30.00 per family (non-refundable) per year

2) Tuition fees: $335.00 per year. Siblings of students already enrolled in the school are entitled to receive a discount: 10% for the second child, and 15% for the third child.

3) School supplies and photocopying: Fees will be collected midway through the school year.

4) Volunteer Deposit: We ask all parents/care givers(one per family)to volunteer to work for the school.However,when this is not possible,we collect $100($10/month ×10months) as Volunteer Deposit so that those who are not able to work will be exempt from the assignment. A post dated(Oct. 1,) $100 cheque can be submitted with application or at the A.G.M.Volunteer Deposit Policy

*After you paid the Volunteer Deposit, any changes will be notified to the Board of Directors.

Terms of Payment:

School fees may be paid in one lump sum or in three installments during the year. Cheques should be made payable to VJHLSS (the Victoria Japanese Heritage Language School Society).

Details about Cheques:here

*As our school is run by volunteers, withdrawing the cheques would take up to one month.

*Online classes fees due to COVID-19:here